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Wednesday, April 13th, 2005
8:49 pm
Technorati Profile (for historical purposes).
Monday, April 4th, 2005
11:46 pm
I'm migrating to a WordPress-based blog hosted at MYSTfans.com. I will keep this account to manage LJ friends and whatnot, but there won't be journal updates here any more.

My new blog
Sunday, March 20th, 2005
9:58 pm
Digging deeper into one's past
Ha! You thought this was gonna be another depressed entry, didn't you.

School enrollment

Must have been Summer 1990.
Friday, January 7th, 2005
12:33 am
The blood spot
I often have dreams that appear to revolve around happiness, but actually have one aspect that's terribly out of place.

For example, dreams of birthday parties or other celebrations, and everyone's happy, and everything seems fine, but for some reason, it just can't be true. And I wake up, and I keep thinking. And then I realize the ridiculousness: for example, everyone was drinking blood, rather than juice. Or the people seemed to be friends or relatives, but I've actually never met them before.

Yesterday night, I've had such a kind of dream. Seemed great - I was on vacation with someone. Nothing out of the ordinary, right? Some driving around by car, some exploring the mountains...

Except that the person that was driving me around and that I was on vacation with was my mother, and that the dream was definitely meant to be present time. After waking up, this "inconsistency with reality" took me about half an hour to realize: my mom's been dead for almost two years now, and I know for a fact, too, that I've never been on vacation with her alone (under such circumstances) either. Rather devastating and disconcerting to wake up to.

I do not know what these kinds of dreams are supposed to tell me, but then again, I also don't know what dreams where I run around shooting people or see my father or a close friend dying are meant to teach me either. It just seems to be my fate to get "shocked", both when awake as well as when not.

On t hat note, have a good night, whoever you are.

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Tuesday, January 4th, 2005
11:41 pm
Introductory post

First article

No Podcast at this point.

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1:51 pm
The news, uncensored and unpositive
Sunday night my girlfriend became ill... I'll blame it on the weather since it's freaking cold over there on Montreal.

Monday evening I found out about an acquaintance having a severe illness.

This morning I had another of those dreams.

We drove to a garbage dump. We, that's my father, me, and maybe others. Some way or another, we arrived inside the locked doors - secret pathway or whatever, doesn't matter. We decided to hide our car somewhere.

My father wondered if we had arrived at the right place. I think this was supposed to be about some sort of illegal deal. Nobody seemed to be around. He left the car, quietly.

Then suddenly, multiple people. It occurred to me we had never been to this place before, at least not me. Quite a disadvantage.

All of a sudden, one of the people started attacking my father. I realized now that, to the other side of the gates, after the road, there was in fact a huge, deep canyon.

The guy continued chasing my dad. At some point, they were near the canyon. It was then (why not earlier? why was I so slow?) that I decided to run out of the car and try and help. Nobody of the other people seemed to care either way.

I was but a second too late. I was about to grab my father, who had just been kicked hard, and get him back up, when he was kicked again and started falling off. I knew I couldn't climb, so I decided to jump without looking. All I remember is a scream.

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Thursday, December 30th, 2004
11:21 pm
iPod: One minor thing that bothers me
I have the following smart playlists set up now:

1) Added Recently. Songs I've recently downloaded and added to iTunes - no rating, no grouping, no nothing. Just all the new stuff. ("Date Added is in the last 7 days")
2) New Podcasts. All podcasts I haven't finished listening to. ("Genre contains Podcast"; "Play Count is 0")
3) Rated 4 (100). 100 randomly-picked songs rated 4 out of 5 stars. ("My Rating is ****"; "Limit to 100 songs selected by random")
4) Rated 5. All songs rated 5 out of 5 starts. ("My Rating is *****")

All smart playlists are set to "Match only checked songs" (with the exception of "Added Recently")and "Live updating".

Unfortunately, features such as the Music Quiz game and the Shuffle Songs main menu item will pick up songs from all aforementioned playlists - including "New Podcasts". Obviously, you usually don't want to randomly listen to a podcast, and Music Quiz with a podcast is just silly.

I haven't been able to think of a way to fix this yet. Thoughts? Can I maybe mark the Podcasts as audiobooks, or something?

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Wednesday, December 29th, 2004
7:01 pm
More iPodness
Decided to rename my iPod from "teal" (my favorite color, plus a color that's close to that of the blue mini) to "cleftbunny" (a former MYSTcommunity software upgrade codename). Capella finds it cute ;-)

I've considered for a while doing a separate Usability blog again; I might do it in forms of podcasts, or maybe something dual - short versions of articles using audios, and longer, more detailed versions in text only. Two people I've asked both seemed very interested...

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10:52 am
iPod arrived
It's here. I've made a few photos of the packaging...

Listening to MacCast now. Engadget podcast seems to take a while getting used to (trying too hard to be professional, maybe?). Don't like how podcasts have intro- and outroductory music.

Love listening to my iTunes music. Navigation is exactly as great as I heard it'd be. Alarm clock is nice. Haven't used other Extras yet (Calendar, Contacts, Notes, Games).

...Games... speaking of which. Fun.

Yeah, I really like it, I think. It's still charging but it didn't seem to mind me unplugging it in the meantime ;-)

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Tuesday, December 28th, 2004
5:42 pm
Saturday, December 25th, 2004
5:44 pm
Podcasting, eh?
Since my iPod shall hopefully arrive in a few days (can you tell I'm getting a little too excited here?), I'm trying to think of additional things to do with it.

  • Biking and jogging with it (that's a given)

  • Using it while on the road, such as in a train (see above)

  • Backup space for important stuff such as OS X Keychains

  • Emergency OS X

  • Emergency Windows XP (possible? if so, can I make OS X boot off FAT32 and effectively have minimal installs of both OSes on the same hard drive?) - note to self: don't forget about PEBuilder

  • Storing contacts, calendar data, notes, playing tiny games

  • Nifty, universal, spacy and fast USB stick replacement with USB 2 and FireWire connectors

  • Podcasting

Now, as to that last item: does anyone have actual experience with it? I know there's dozens of clients already, but are decent "podcast stations" around already? Can I essentially do an automatic daily download and get all the news I care about, such as EU and US politics, European and North American IT news, Mac news, etc.? Is this "seamless" just yet, and if not, is it about to get there?

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4:51 pm
iPod sales graph
I know my photoshopping suckz but I just wanted to prove my point and couldn't find a better graph.

(The above image is copyright 2004 Apple Computer Inc.)


  • In 2002, total sales did not even reach one million.

  • In 2003, on the other hand, they climbed well beyond two million.

  • In Q3 2004, they were already almost at six million.

  • Q3 2004 alone had two million.

The graph nicely illustrates just how exponentially the sales figures keep increasing. An estimate of 4.5 million sold iPods in Q4 2004 is therefore not entirely impossible.

Apple now has three hard drive suppliers to be somewhat able to keep up with demand; Hitachi, Toshiba and more recently (rumored) Seagate.

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2:51 pm
How to celebrate the 35,000th e-mail in your account
By getting an iPod, of course!

I ordered tonight. With all the holidays, general bank slowness and confirmed shortages at Amazon and Co., I'm worried it might not even arrive by New Year's Eve. Good things come to those who wait, I suppose.

I got a deal that includes a wristband, and I opted for express shipping cause I cannot wait ;-) Something like 269 Euros in the end.

Current exact e-mail count is 35,323. Handling is extremely awkward especially because of Spam, and amon and I decided to take it as an opportunity to talk about a major Alurio 2 feature. You shall find out why soon enough. :-)

Update: The correct count actually appears to be 35,621. o_O

Update 2: It's a blue iPod mini, btw. ;-) I'll try and think of making photos of the whole unwrapping and installation process.

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6:44 am
Bescherung (how come there's no proper English term) [1 Update]
  • hagenuk DECT phone (much more comfortable to hold but only an 8-digit display)

  • two sweaters (a so-so one and a rather decent one)

  • bruno banani deodorant (ou la la - goes well with the new sweater ;-) )

  • Michael Moore: Stupid White Men

Update: Additional presents on 26th by relatives

  • Neato towel

  • Davidoff Cool Water shower gel

  • from bro: book about studying in foreign countries (wee!)

Current Mood: good
Friday, December 24th, 2004
6:55 pm
So uh.

Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays / Happy Hanukkah / Happy Macintosh to Minella, Jerle, Kha'tie, Ran, Riven-chan, Ti'ana Katarina, The World, Capella, GermanShepherd<, Nikto*, Dusanté*, Free Bird, Tay, Kerahna*, Alex<, Alahmnat*, Tweek, Kehra*, GreyDragon*, Ryan*, amon-re, Adi, Malte, Gerda, Mike, Maik, Johannes, Olaf, M@*, K'laamas*, Jordy, Dan'ni*, and everyone else I didn't think of right now. Try and make the best of it. Seize the days.

*) I haven't talked to you in a while.
<) I have been unfair to you as of late.

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Sunday, December 12th, 2004
12:00 am
There's only two possibilities
A) The entire world around me is stupid, narrow-minded, unfair, mean, crappy, messed up, and a thousand other adjectives I could come up with, and I am not.

B) I am stupid, narrow-minded, unfair, mean, crappy, messed up, and a thousand other adjectives I could come up with, and the rest of the world is not.

The result, obviously, would be referred to in technical terms as "incompatibility".

Current Mood: depressed
Thursday, December 9th, 2004
11:08 pm
Actually, that's kinda neat.
Trillian 3.0 Serverless IM

It's fully compatible with iChat, not only in terms of text messages and file transfers, but also audio and video chats.

...neat. Now if only Gaim were to implement at least text-based Rendezvous any time soon ;-)
4:51 pm
Alright, that's it.
...I'm getting an iPod mini. Period. No further pondering. I'm tired of thinking about the pros and cons!

Now what do I engrave it with?

amon-re suggests ChanServ is for Commies, but whilst that was originally my joke, I think it's getting old ;-)

Obviously, I currently don't have the last-resort-option (cause it's far too commonly used and seems somewhat uncreative) of putting something related to my girlfriend on. Cause, y'know, I don't have one.

So what else... I could do something boring and put my address on, in case the thing gets stolen. Uh, no.

I cannot think of anything good right now. Something that, even after two years, I'll still find funny. Something like naming my iBook "wohba".

Any ideas?

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Friday, December 3rd, 2004
9:05 pm
A true success story
Amazon.com: Early Adopters lists three iPod models, iPod socks and an iTunes Music Store $15 prepaid card as top five "newest and coolest products our customers of computers are buying".

Apple's annual SEC filing reveals "an alliance with Founder Technology Group Corporation, a supplier of PCs to the Chinese market, that provides for the preinstallation of iTunes on all Founder Technology Windows-based PCs. A similar alliance was formed with Synnex Technology International Corporation, a Taiwan-based wholesaler and distributor of personal computers, for the preinstallation of iTunes on its Windows-based laptop and desktop PCs." amongst the previously known alliances with Hewlett-Packard Company and BMW Group.

Net sales of iPods rose $961 million or 279% during fiscal 2004 compared to 2003. Unit sales of iPods totaled 4.4 million in fiscal 2004, which represents an increase of 370% from the 939,000 iPod units sold in fiscal 2003. Strong demand for the iPods during fiscal 2004 continued to be experienced in all of the Company's operating segments and was driven by enhancements to the iPod, the introduction of the iPod mini, increased expansion of the Company's iPod distribution network, and continued success of the iTunes Music Store due largely to making it available to both Macintosh and Windows users in the U.S., U.K., France and Germany. Since inception of the iPod product line in fiscal 2002, the Company has sold approximately 5.7 million iPods.

Apple stock development in past three months:

(click link for larger picture, more recent chart and more info)

eWeek: "The Year in Review: Apple Thrives in Surprising Ways"

If you had told someone five years ago that Apple would someday have a rapidly growing business in the server market, a huge share of the Unix desktop market, and commanding mindshare in the digital music business—so much so that Hewlett-Packard licensed its hardware—that someone would have probably asked what kind of irrational exuberance you had been smoking.

Yet somehow, Apple turned into one of the biggest success stories in the computer industry.

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2:17 am
What am I waiting for?
So why haven't I committed suicide yet?

I think it's because, somewhere deep inside, there's this eensy teensy bit of hope that one day I'll be actually able to, y'know, impress people. To impress my spouse/finacée/girlfriend (presuming I'll have one), my friends, and most of all, my father.

With all he demands from me, it feels like it even further strengthens my inner urge to impress him, to "prove worthy" for him and to maybe even positively surprise him. I have never been able to do that, ever.

And I wish I could.

But what if this will actually happen? Eventually?

Update: Once again, thanks Olaf. :-)

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